Working from home

A lot of my friends always ask me "do you find it difficult to work from home?" or "how do you not get distracted when you're home all day" and the truth was when I started at home it was difficult. But, after working from home as a Freelance Graphic Designer for several months I can now honestly say, I love it.

When working from home one of the most important things to remember is that you're still working. By this I mean, get up, shower and dress, make breakfast and go to your office. If you find yourself walking around in your pjs all day in front of the TV trying to work on your laptop then you're going to find it a lot more difficult to concentrate. The key is to keep yourself in a working routine. 

I read once that this women would leave her house every day walk around the block, re-enter her house and start work. Then at the end of the day she would leave again, walk around the block and 'come home' for the day. 

This at first sounded crazy to me but now after experiencing working from home it's actually genius! The process allows you to switch off from home and gets you in the mindset for a normal day at the office.

home office environment

I also find that making sure you finish at a normal time (if possible, we all have to work extra time sometimes) and sticking to set working hours is extremely helpful. Basically what I am saying is, have a set up that allows you to mimic traits of a working environment. 

There are also MANY benefits from working at home. For example, you don't always have to be at home! You can get up and go and spend the day working in the local park, coffee shop or in your back garden (my current set up at the moment as the weather in Bristol is b-e-a-utifulllll). This allows you to experience different working environments and allows your office to be flexible.

So overall, what I am saying is - if you're planning to work from home just make sure you set yourself some rules, don't get in a rutt of being easily distracted and stick to a routine. I love working from home, it allows me to do my work in an environment that I find motivating, is set-up just how I like it and the freedom to explore while working.