For Max's birthday I surprised him with a trip to Slovenia. After keeping it a secret for over 5 months we were finally on route to a new destination. 

The whole trip in Slovenia beat my expectations drastically. Although I had seen beautiful photos of places like Lake Bled and the Soca River, I really didn't envision the country to be so incredibly picturesque. Snowcap mountains, rolling hills, magnificent lakes and quaint churches are just some of the gorgeous things this place has to offer. 

If you're going, definitely rent a car as you get to see so much more of the natural beauty. One of the things I loved the most was how untouched it was. Normally when you go away you see fields full of crops or cattle but in Slovenia there are just fields filled with wild flowers and grass up to your knees. 

I could talk about this place for forever, I think it's one of my new top 5 destinations, but instead here are some pictures for you to see what I'm talking about! 

Lake Bled Sunrise.jpg
Lake Bled Sunrise

Lake Bled is like something straight out of a fairytale book. The walk to Ojstrica was 100% worth the 4am wake up just to see this magnificent sunrise.

Mountains Slovenia
Hiking Slovenian Mountains
Couple Slovenian Lake & Mountains
Windswept with snow cap mountains
Caught in a storm - Slovenian Mountains
Sunset Lake Bohinj Slovenia

Despite 10 hours of driving up and down the mountains in thunderstorms and torrential rain, when we got to our last stop of the day, Lake Bohinj we were delighted to see clear skies just in time for the sunset. 

Sound of music - Slovenian Mountains
Church on the hill - Slovenia
Roadtrip Slovenia
Mountain Wild flowers - Slovenia
Lake Bohinj Slovenia Reflections
Lake Bled Sunrise