Do you need a rebrand?

Often clients ask me for a rebrand but they have no idea why. I often get comments like "I've just had it for years" and "I'm bored of it now" but it is important to realise that just because your branding might not be new it could still be very effective. So when considering a rebrand here are a few things to think about first: 

Firstly, has your company changed?

The answer may be that you are offering new or additional services, you are deciding to go in a different direction or you simply just want a refresh to fit better with modern trends. If it is one of the first two answers then a strategic plan would be put in place to help you develop these offerings in the most constructive way. If however, it is the later answer then this could involve developing your current design to be more up-to-date.


Secondly, has your customer changed?

This is where you need to consider - are you attracting a different customer to before and unsure why? are you reducing the number of customers you had? or are you looking to attract new customers to fit your new offerings?

If your audience is reducing we need to consider why this is. Have you been doing anything differently? or maybe you are missing out on a new trick that others seem to be doing. The best way to get these results is by simply asking your current customers what they may think is letting your brand down and how you can improve it.  

However, if you are looking to attract new customers we would focus on researching what is specific to enticing this target audience. Discovering similarities between your audience will help create a brand that they would react well to.

Thirdly, are you presenting yourself cOrrectly? 

Branding is how you are represented and seen by the public. The key is to convey a persona that is correct to your product, business and character.  You want the public to see you in the most accurate way possible that stands out from the crowd. 

At the moment, you may be attracting the wrong audience for your product or business. You may have a lot of interest in your business but little returning customers, conversion or other desired outcomes. This is due to your business selling itself wrong, it is appealing to the wrong target audience and therefore not giving you the end results you want. 

Reapproaching the brand from the start and outlining a clear and constructive set of rules so that your brand is solid and true to its identity is key. Identifying core values, target audiences, mission statements, company aims etc is the most effective way we can begin a rebrand. With a solid set of guidelines, your brand will be true to its identity and allow your business to develop and grow.